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All of our animals are treated like family pets.  We have them named and spend time with them daily. They get talked to and petted.  Best part about it is that they talk back and let us know when they want an extra snack!

Our animals are up to date on all required shots including CBT and de-worming, if needed.  Our eggs are collected daily, cleaned, and placed in the refrigerator. We rotate our livestock to different areas of the pasture to reduce the chance of getting parasites.

Large Black Hogs

Perhaps the most important thing about Large Blacks is their pedigree. These are “heritage” hogs. They retain the traits of their ancestors that lived on the pastures and woods of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. They are hardy animals able to handle the cold and heat. They can effectively convert pasture and goodies found in your woods into nutrition. Great mothering ability; good sized litters; longevity. Despite their large size they are well known as very docile hogs. Their dark coloring makes them more resistant to sunburn. And their pork might be the best available; micromarbled and deliciously Old World flavor.

(from The Large Black Hog Association)

Give us a call if you need Farm Fresh Eggs, goats, hogs, or just a break from the city life.


We are a small family farm sitting on 42 acres in a rural area outside of Tulsa, OK.  Raising livestock is a hobby as we have full time careers when not spending time with our animals.  We made a conscience decision to move our teenage children out to the country to regain focus on family and nature!

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A New Generation of Farming

Dexter Cattle

The first recorded knowledge of Dexters in America is when more than two hundred Dexters were imported to the US between 1905 and 1915. In recent years there has been a worldwide surge of interest in Dexter cattle. They thrive in hot as well as cold climates and do well outdoors year round, needing only a wind-break, shelter and fresh water.hey are dual purpose, being raised for both milk and meat. Dexters are also the perfect old fashioned family cow. Pound for pound, Dexters cost less to get to the table, economically turning forage into rich milk and quality, lean meat.

(from American Dexter Cattle Association)

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